It’s a bird…. no its Flappy bird

Apr, 4 2014

“Flappy Bird made a $50k/day, I bet I can make a simple game like that and even if I earn a fraction of that lets say $1k/day I will retire. “ These are some of the most recent repetitive conversations I have been having with a few entrepreneurs. Now I agree with the first part of the statement; however, to achieve the second part, I like to dig a bit…

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5 Reasons How Apps Are Making Life Easier

Dec, 20 2013

Life seems to be busier but fortunately for us, we live in the era of the smartphone and there are over a million apps that help make life easier. Life without smartphones (and apps that help with nearly every facet of our life), would be difficult and boring. Here are just 5 ways how apps can make life easier 1.  Keeps You Organized With so many things on your to-do-list,…

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Here’s how you can accelerate user adoption for your app!

Oct, 24 2013

Newton once said: “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Today we can stand on the shoulders of tech giants like Paypal and Dropbox to learn a few tricks they used in their early days to rocket propel their user adaption. Here is what they have used in the past: Give and take: Give users and incentive to invite their friends or…

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Cloud Adoption in emerging markets

Aug, 14 2013

Emerging markets such as India and China still have some barriers to get to the same level of cloud adoption as in the developed markets. These include: Internet speeds: Emerging markets still  don’t enjoy the internet bandwidth and speed available in other parts  of the world (Google highlights India bandwidth threat – This makes it extremely frustrating for businesses to use  cloud services and might just be the biggest…

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Unforeseen costs when building a mobile website/app

Jun, 13 2013

Here are some of the unplanned “development” costs that I have come across in my experience: 1) Change of requirements: If your developers are not agile, you will end up making a lot of costly changes. Follow an agile process with minimum features coming out of each sprint, so you & your target customers can catch early fixes. The later the changes come the costlier they get. 2) Poor estimations: A lot of…

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