Cloud Adoption in emerging markets

Aug, 14 2013

Emerging markets such as India and China still have some barriers to get to the same level of cloud adoption as in the developed markets. These include: Internet speeds: Emerging markets still  don’t enjoy the internet bandwidth and speed available in other parts  of the world (Google highlights India bandwidth threat – This makes it extremely frustrating for businesses to use  cloud services and might just be the biggest…

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Unforeseen costs when building a mobile website/app

Jun, 13 2013

Here are some of the unplanned “development” costs that I have come across in my experience: 1) Change of requirements: If your developers are not agile, you will end up making a lot of costly changes. Follow an agile process with minimum features coming out of each sprint, so you & your target customers can catch early fixes. The later the changes come the costlier they get. 2) Poor estimations: A lot of…

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Generating revenue from your next mobile app

May, 29 2013

There are a few ways to start generating revenue from your next mobile app. Below are a couple of examples of how to do it and we suggest looking into the various options that exist. It would be best to research your target market to understand their behaviours and how they would be willing to consume your app. If your app is oriented towards the general public you may want…

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Mobile Phones and Social Interaction in Modern Society

Apr, 15 2013

In today’s age of accessing social media through multiple devices and mobile phones, have we lost the ability to communicate with one another without this medium? Are we becoming too detached from real life experiences? In my research on the topic, there have been a few articles and research that have pointed to this phenomenon. This distraction of social media has also made it to morning television to prove a point:…

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Three ways of marketing your app

Jan, 27 2013

1) Word of mouth: If your app is appreciated by the early adapters then people will do the promotion for you. However, this is tricky since achieving this involves a constant feedback loop from your end-users to improvements in your app. Thus making continuous improvements in your product through customer feedbacks will help you achieve this. 2) Viral: Let people share your app This could be as simple as providing…

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